Many people do not know that moving companies will refuse to move hazardous items.  If the containers for such items open or are broken in the moving truck/van and spill, they pose a danger to the movers, their equipment, and to your other items.

  • Alcohol

  • Aerosol cans including Air Fresheners & Hair Spray

  • Motor Oil

  • Paint Thinner

  • Propane tanks for your Barbecue

  • Paint Thinner

  • Kerosene

  • Matches & Lighters

Anything poisonous or corrosive:

  • Any kind of battery, including car batteries

  • Garden and indoor pesticides

  • Liquid chlorine bleach

  • Nail polish and nail polish remover

  • Paint (latex or oil)

  • Pool chemicals

  • Weed killers

Weapons and items that can be used to make weapons:

  • Ammonia- based cleaners

  • ammunition

  • Firearms

  • Fireworks

  • Garden fertilizers

It is important to dispose of hazardous materials properly for the safety of your family, pets, and the environment.